What We Do

We provide a wide range of rural skills development opportunities at our training croft in Lairg, Sutherland.

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Lots to discover at Lochview

We pride ourselves on creating a happy and inclusive family atmosphere for our staff and students where everyone can thrive.

We offer meaningful land-based activities and training to any individual or group of students in a relaxed, happy atmosphere. We believe in the therapeutic value of working outdoors and being around animals, which has been shown to reduce stress, resulting in better physical and mental well-being.

A small child with a sheperds stick walking towards sheep
A tractor farming a field cultivating

We're on the go year-round

As a rural training centre based on a working croft our activities naturally follow the seasons:

Spring – a season of new life; here on the croft we have lambs, calves, piglets and chicks so you will have plenty to do and see.

Summer – all about haymaking and a busy time of year working with the sheep and lambs. You will enjoy learning about animal welfare and the husbandry side of keeping livestock.

Autumn – A time for getting the machinery ready to be put away for the winter, preparing sheep for the annual visit to the ram, and making the croft ready for the winter months.

Winter – is all about the animals and making sure that they are being well looked after, lots of feeding and ensuring the water is still running.  We also do our repairs during the winter months, so fencing, dyke repairs and any other jobs we find – we are never quiet!

Adult Skills Training

With a range of vocational and non-vocational training, please see our online training calendar for upcoming courses.

Youth & School Training

Are you in school or just leaving? We offer a range of courses including SQA Rural Skills, SQA Crofting and a range of other tailored courses, so send us a message to find out more or click the link.

Family Events & Activities

Would you like to spend time with our livestock, learn more about our animals and just spend some time in the outdoors? Click to see what we can offer.
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