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We provide a wide range of rural skills development opportunities at our training croft in Lairg, Sutherland.

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What our Students have to say

Over the past few years, I've had the opportunity to volunteer at Loch View many times, the goal being to learn as much as possible about livestock care and crofting in general. Whilst visiting I have learnt more than I could have imagined; from working with sheep, caring for rare breed pigs and piglets, hay making, and a great deal about the legislation, technicalities and paperwork involved. Cara is so knowledgeable about each of these areas and demonstrates this both vocally and practically. She always takes the time to hear any concerns and answers any questions to whatever level of detail is wanted. She offers a high level of encouragement and support, which really helps with boosting confidence in challenging tasks. Although I've only worked alongside Don a few times, it is truly his patience and understanding that shines through. He really takes the time to assess your confidence levels and gradually build that up and your own pace with no pressure. During my time at Loch View, I've had the opportunity to gain valuable experience I would not have found elsewhere. Overall I would recommend a visit, whether for learning or pleasure there is definitely something for everyone.
Having been given the privilege to partake in crofting experience at Loch View, under the watchful eye of both Don and Cara, I have gained vital knowledge and hands on experience of a large range of croft and agricultural tasks. This spans from the removal and installation of livestock fencing, moving of livestock across challenging environments and the general welfare of livestock. From spending a significant amount of time with Don, I have gained a vast knowledge of how to operate and maintain tractors and farm equipment whilst also learning how to operate them. Don has taught me how to perform tasks such as; cutting, tedding, and rowing up of the hay harvest ready for baling. Cara has taught me a great deal about the Large Black Pig breed, which I would otherwise not have known about. This has made me think more into what livestock I wish to keep in the future, having seen a much more relaxed attitude to keeping pigs than sheep, which I have found to be much higher maintenance.
I like going to the croft and Cara and Don are very kind. I have learnt how to look after pigs, and piglets, and sheep dogs. I have learnt how to wrap hay bales, feed animals and overcome my fear of dogs.
Ella, 8
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